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Ru Baru Ishq Tha: a tale of young love, authoritarian parents and unjust decisions!

Ru Baru Ishq Tha is a new drama serial on Geo Entertainment which is now being aired every Friday at 8PM. On 22nd June, the first episode of the drama was aired and showed a promising story from the very beginning! The drama serial has prominent actors such as Danish Taimoor as Almeer, Ushna Shah as Salwa and Sanam Chaudhry as Ayyan. The drama has other prominent actors such as Rubina Ashraf as Riffat Ara, Javaid Sheikh as Murad, Najia Baig as Uzma and many more.

In the first episode only, a secret love affair between Almeer and Salwa is revealed, which becomes troubling for Salwa who has an extremely strict father and does not approve of her having friends in the university, let alone accepting someone she likes.

Salwa is a decent girl who lives a sheltered life, has a small social circle, and avoids unnecessary communication in her university due to her father’s conservative upbringing, and from the fear of inciting the anger within him. Ayyan, who is a complete tomboy and is friends with both Salwa and Almeer, is oblivious to the fact that both of her friends are interested in each other. She also has a strong liking towards Almeer, which he does not know about.

Almeer’s parents are waiting for their family’s American visa to arrive so that they can move abroad permanently. However, everyone’s visa comes except Almeer’s and his family has no other option but to leave Almeer alone. However, Almeer’s sister Uzma comes up with the idea to get him married to someone, so that he can settle down and doesn’t have to be left alone. Using this as an opportunity, Almeer shares his love for Salwa with his family, and later asks Salwa to speak to her family about them.

What happens next is inevitable; Salwa’s father refuses to even listen to her request to marry Almeer, and further disallows her to continue her studies. Salwa is in a shock! The story of this drama serial starts in a way that would keep the viewer hooked onto the story for a long time. The drama is directed by Furqan Khan who has done a brilliant job in establishing the trio’s bonding, and has directed the shots in a way that makes the viewers not want to leave their TV screens!

In the next episode, we will learn if Salwa and Almeer will be able to unite as lovers or not. Tune in to Ru Baru Ishq Tha on Geo Entertainment every Friday at 8PM!