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Ishqaway Episode 19 - Aagha Ali - Nazish Jahangir - 30th March 2024

Ishqaway Episode 19 - Aagha Ali - Nazish Jahangir - 30th March 2024 - HAR PAL GEO Zoya, a young girl, is our modern-day Cinderella with a twist. She lives with her stepmother, Nirali, and stepsister, Aleena. Despite the love from Aleena, Zoya's dreams of becoming a designer are suppressed by Nirali who holds a deep hatred for her. Shahrukh is a successful fashion mogul with a mysterious connection to Zoya's past. When circumstances bring Shahrukh into Zoya's life, he assumes the role of a servant to aid her. As Shahrukh navigates the complexities of his mission, he finds himself falling in love with Zoya while safeguarding her from conspiracies orchestrated by unknown forces, all while keeping his true identity hidden. Can Shahrukh protect Zoya from all evil? Will Zoya come to know about Shahrukh’s reality? Will Shahrukh’s reality bring Zoya closer to him or ruin their relationship? Can Zoya fulfill her wish of becoming a designer? 7th Sky Entertainment Presentation Producers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi Director: Zahid Mehmood Writer: Amar Khan Cast: Aagha Ali as Shahrukh Nazish Jahangir as Zoya Maria Wasti as Nirali Behroz Sabzwari as Sheeda Mahmood Aslam as Ustaad Jee/Amin (Dual role) Maryam Noor as Aleena Naveed Raza as Rehan Ayesha Gul as Makho Saleem Mairaj as Aashiq #Ishqaway #aaghaali #NazishJahangir