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Pyari Nimmo Episode 01 - Hira Khan - Haris Waheed - Asim Mehmood - 7th September 2023 - HAR PAL GEO

Thanks for watching Har Pal Geo. Please click here to Subscribe and hit the bell icon to enjoy Top Pakistani Dramas and satisfy all your entertainment needs. Do you know Har Pal Geo is now available in the US? Share the News. Spread the word. Pyari Nimmo Episode 01 - Hira Khan - Haris Waheed - Asim Mehmood - 7th September 2023 - HAR PAL GEO "Pyari Nimmo" follows the life of a young girl named Nimmo, who occasionally see her dreams turn into reality. However, this takes a dark turn when she witnesses her parents' tragic death in a nightmare, and it becomes true, branding her as a bearer of bad luck. After losing her parents, Nimmo and her sister find shelter with their caring uncle, but her aunt sees Nimmo as a curse and treats her with cruelty. Nimmo's resilience keeps her hopeful as she dreams of a better future. Amidst the mistreatment, she continues to endure atrocities by those around her. Whether Nimmo will break free from the shackles of oppression and overcome the prejudices against her? Will she be able to find a loving and caring partner who cherishes her for who she is? Can she wash away the stigma that surrounds her and rewrite her own fate? Written by: Imran Syfer Directed by: Sami Sani Produced by: Erfan Ghanchi Production House: Blue Eye Entertainment Cast : Hira Khan as Nimmo/Nimra Haris Waheed as Kashif Naveed Raza as Nadeem Asim Mehmood as Ayub Waseem Abbas as Hanif Rashid Faruqi as Rehman Erum Akhter as Sheeba Beena Chaudhry as Shakeela Fareeda Shabbir as Rizwana Inaya Khan as Tabassum Roma Michael as Hina Shahzad Malik as Lateef Zafar Abbas Khichi as Jamaal Shazia Gohar as Arfa Rehana Kaleem as Kulsoom Shahid Jamal as Rasheed Abu Rohan as Hakeem Sahab Child Artists Artist Character: Abdul Muqeet as Bablu Minahil Naveed as Nimmo child Shazia Naveed as Ashi child Emaan Ahmed as Minaal #PyariNimmo #HiraKhan #HarisWaheed