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Does Abaan genuinely like Asma?

7th Sky Entertainment’s recently launched Dour has brought on screen an interesting blend of suspense, thrill and drama. It becomes even better with the complex conspiracy Sania Saeed and Azfar Rehman’s characters add to the story penned by Saji Gul.

While one plays a mother with a mysterious past, the other plays a mentally and physically challenged son— making it an unbeatable combination against the pure-hearted characters in their lives. The drama serial initially opened with a whimsical touch to it as the narrative has much to do with puppetry.

Starring Nayyar Ejaz and Hina Altaf as the father-daughter duo, Sabir and Asma, who left behind the art of puppetry long ago, are made to relive the sweet yet tragic memories it once gave them. Their situation with poverty and insensitive relatives already has Asma feeling indebted to Romaan’s kindness, whose growing interest in her is likely to bring bigger complications.

While Sabir has his reasons to think of puppetry as an eerie art, a teaser has hinted that it has to do with some untold truth regarding Romaan’s mother, Mrs. Ehtisham. Unfortunately, some introductions cannot be undone, for instance Abaan meeting Asma.

With Abaan already too fond of the girl his brother hopes to marry and Mrs. Ehtisham wanting to do anything to restore peace in her house, it is uncertain as to which of her sons’ happiness will matter more to Mrs. Ehtisham.

Dour airs on Monday and Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. on Geo Entertainment.

Dour is a presentation of the dynamic duo Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi produced under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment.

Directed by Mazhar Moin, the drama serial also stars Adla Khan, Hania Ahmed, Emaan Ahmed, Iffat Omar, Haris Waheed, Saleem Mairaj, Mizna Waqas, Nataliya, Hameedullah Khan, Musazam Shah, Salman Arif, and Meesam Naqvi in pivotal roles.

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