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New drama serial Dour to premiere tonight at 8PM

Characterized by riveting dialogues written by Saji Gul, the teasers tease the story just enough. Starring Ali Abbas and Hina Altaf as the lead couple, Dour starts with love at first sight when Romaan encounters Asma’s ecstatic voice at a conference.

Then, splashed by the reality of Romaan’s family, this love finds itself bounded by those wanting for it to drown.

In every reason to cause hurt to a close one, there is an untold confession, a truth kept within. Produced by the dynamic duo Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment, Dour’s untold truth is veiled in the teasers revealed so far.

Mazhar Moin’s direction of the play is very telling for the way it keeps the future of this family secret enough for the audience to only be guessing.

Azfar Rehman and Sania Saeed feature as the mother-son duo, Abaan and Mrs. Ehtisham, who continue to thrill the show with their evil. With glances of Abaan wanting Asma to himself and his disregard for his brother’s happiness, it is unclear what the untold truth is on his end.

Rest assured, Dour will premiere on 29th June on Geo Entertainment to unveil it all. Dour is slated to air every Tuesday at 8:00 p.m.

The remaining cast includes Adla Khan, Hania Ahmed, Emaan Ahmed, Iffat Omar, Haris Waheed, Saleem Mairaj, Nayyar Ejaz, Mizna Waqas, Nataliya, Hameedullah Khan, Musazam Shah, Salman Arif, and Meesam Naqvi.

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