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Deewangi's climax explores Sultan's obsession with power

Unlike most love triangles where the audience wants the heroine to end up with the good guy, Deewangi seems to have made plenty of its audience guilty of wanting to see Nageen with her former fiancé, Sultan, despite his ruthless betrayal in the earlier episodes.

Now after 25 episodes, Nageen was close to a happily ever. But it appears that Nageen and Haroon’s marriage will be on the rocks in the episodes to come. The writer Sadia Akhtar has opened an important discussion on infertility as the couple is now struggling to conceive after Haroon had refused to have children for quite some years, waiting to be financial stable.

Although Nageen assures Haroon that her life is still complete with him in it, Sultan’s stubbornness to get Nageen back into his life is the next big test for the married couple. Using his influence and money to turn any matter into his favour has always been his first approach.

Danish Taimoor features as the self-obsessed businessman, Sultan Durrani, alongside Hiba Bukhari who plays the role of a simple girl, Nageen Faiyaz, who had earlier worked several menial jobs to break free from the shackles of poverty and dependence. Ali Abbas plays Haroon who later marries Nageen, with whom he had fallen in love at first sight like Sultan had.

Knowing that Nageen is someone who cannot be bought, Haroon, on the contrary, is quite ambitious. Most of his decisions are also influenced by his inferiority complex as he blames his widowed mother for not sending him to one of the top-notch universities. Now with Nageen in his life, he wants to give her the world.

Drama serial Deewangi turns the page to a major climax

The recent episode has been quite eventful with Sultan setting the maze to trap Haroon in it. He offers Haroon a job in his brand-new television channel which he has named after his four-year-old daughter. These mind-spinning schemes coming from Sultan are not at all surprising, given how he had gotten Nageen kidnapped at their own wedding only to disgrace her in the eyes of the society, it is pretty apparent how desperate Sultan can get. However, after spending four years in London, Sultan has returned to his hometown pre-planned to not only get Nageen back into his life but also win his child’s custody, and make his place in politics.

Nageen can already sense some trouble coming after she starts receiving gifts sent anonymously from Sultan. Struggling to connect the dots with suspicious parcels and Haroon’s new job based in Karachi, she is unable to make the guess. However, the last person she wants to cross paths with is Sultan.

Drama serial Deewangi turns the page to a major climax

Produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment, the drama serial has swiftly picked up pace. Will Nageen and Sultan’s second interaction be as tragic as the first? Will Nageen tell Haroon that the person who had ruined her life is actually his new boss? Or will the two find their marriage sinking in the upcoming episodes?

However, this week may be a bit exciting for Deewangi’s fans as Geo Television will air two episodes, one each on Wednesday and Thursday at 8:00 p.m.

You can catch the OST and teasers for Deewangi on Har Pal Geo’s YouTube channel here.

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