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In the world so fake and artificial, Noor e Zindagi is the play so real so natural and so decent. It is a story so simple yet so complex, so straightforward yet so bedded.The play presents a good deal of Pakistani family dynamics which the audience can easily relate to.

It is a beautiful play that deals with a simple subtle and realistic conjugal romance. It depicts the sweet bond between a married couple. They are poles apart as far as their personalities are concerned; She is a woman of refined sensibility and he is a man of crude manners. But despite their differences they adore each other and love to live together. And this is what makes this play and their romance so special. This simple theme is dealt with such brilliance that it kept the audience glued to the screens all these 29 weeks.

Although Salim does have the complex of being lesser educated, and then there is the seed of suspicion, sewn in his heart, by his evil friend ,regarding her and his brother and also the news of her broken engagement –  that all made him bitter towards her but there are moments when he would watch her and feel remorse for his behaviour, dresses up in the suit to make her happy and misses her when she is away . All this beautifully revealsthe love he feels for her but is hesitant to express and accept.

The play in a very subtle manner has highlighted several important themes like love for family ,importance of relationships,respect for parents,care for siblings, role of a good muslim wife ,the importance of joint family system and the influence of evil companyAll these reflect significant and real aspects of our society.

Noor e Zindagi is loved for its traditional flavor and eastern values. It is probably the only play that has presented a married couple so decently, whereas the other plays, when depict married couples, leave little to imagination. Without any physical expression of love, the couple shared electrifying chemistry. They created sparks. Their love and care for each other is so innocently presented that it has made them one of the sweetest couples of all times.

Salim is a simpleton who is a total gullible. He is like a hard nut that is tough on the outside but soft on the inside. One moment you tend to hate him for mistreating Noor and the very next moment he would do something so sweet that would make him a sweetheart. This has to be Syed Jibran’s best performance till date. His acting  is so delightful, the gold watch, the anger, blown up ego is so spot on It is really impressive  how he has translated Salim’s character so aptly.

Noor e zindagi isone of the best dramas ever written and enacted It is an epic .Noor has won every Pakistani heart. She is a woman of extraordinary beauty, substance and values;a rare combo to be found in a Pakistani drama heroin. Noor is a strong married woman who can take control of her own life as well as others. A strong woman does not always have to be single. A woman living with such a dominating husband as Salim can also exercise autonomy Aishakhan has infused so much life into this character that she actually moves out of the screen and becomes someone we all personally know and love. What distinguishes her from the rest is her feminine demeanor.No one could have portrayed her innocence and subtle simplicity better than Aisha.

Noor is not only a favorite of her father sisters husband n in laws but is also loved by every Pakistani family. This play made us wait desperately for Fridays. It made them rose colored. Now when it has come to its end, we fail to fathom how will our Fridays be spent without watching a play so brilliant and without meeting a woman so sensible so adorable.

Thanks to the entire team for giving us this classic. Special thanks to Aisha for giving us someone who we all can love and derive energy from.She reminds me of Mrs Ramsays character from To The lighthouse by Viginia Woolf,who was a powerhouse of positivity and energy. All the characters relied upon her for getting the courage to face the challenge called LIFE. And this is what Noor does to everyone. Everyone in the family including the mother in law looks towards her for solving all their problems.

Plays like Noor e Zindagi are made once in a lifetime.


Review by Noor-e-Zindagi’s Fan: Kiran Malik 




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