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Tarang Housefull - Armaan


The film tells of a beautiful but underprivileged girl, Zarnaab, living in Murree with her widowed stepmother and half-sister, Zartaab, and a flirty man, Armaan. Armaan meets Zartaab at a friend’s Mayoon and is mesmerized by her. Trying to flirt with her, Zartaab pranks him by switching places with a hermaphrodite. The encounter of Armaan flirting with the hermophrodite is recorded on the video of the ceremony. This leads to an infuriated Armaan. Armaan’s manager, Danny, picks him up from the ceremony and drives him home. In the car, Armaan orders Danny to find out the name and address of the girl, Zarnaab, who pranked him.

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