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In an interesting turn of events, life-long enemies, Sikander and Gori are forced to live under one roof while Sikander suffers from short-sightedness, Gori has difficulty in listening. Sikander who lives with her only daughter Shireen is in love with Gori’s son Fahad and they plan to marry however their parent’s hatred towards each other stops them from doing so. Despite of being enemies, Sikander and Gori were engaged to each other in the past however due to some misunderstandings their wedding was called off. Both Gori and Sikander have successfully withheld the secret from their children. Affected by the past and living under the same roof, Gori and Sikander are unable to bear each other. Will Gori and Sikander ever be able to make peace or will the memories of past resurface and bring them closer?

Written by: Khurrum Abbas
Directed by: Rana Rizwan
Production House: Production Headquarters



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