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Shaam Dhalay


Shaam Dhalay centers onAlina and her family. After the sudden death of her father, Alina has to deal with a brother she never knew existed. The entrance of her brother Khizer brings a number of complications in her life. The foremost being that she, finds out that her father has left the house in the name of her brother. Initially it doesn’t seem like an issue but trouble arises when their sister in law; Saima, comes into the picture. The only issue Saima has with her in-laws is the closeness Alina has with her brother Adeel. But Alina has bigger things on her mind and that is taking care of her sisters and mother. Mariam and Shanzay aren’t settling well into life. During this difficult time, Saima shows her true colors and teams up with the family attorney (Majid) to throw the family out of their own house during Khizers absence. Mahjid in turn doesn’t make life any easier for Alina and her family. Being thrown into the real world, Alina stands up to every problem while still taking care of her family. Will she manage to make it through without giving into the troubles she is facing?

Cast: Usman Peerzada, Shah Fahad, Marjaan Fatima, Parveen Malik, Nadia Afgan, Tehfoor Khan Niazi, Wajeeha Khan, Rashid Mehmood, Haris Waheed, Fiza Ali, Khalid Butt and others.

Written By:Shomaila Zaki & Abeer Mahar

Directed By: Nadia Afgan

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