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Pyari Nimmo


"Pyari Nimmo" follows the life of a young girl named Nimmo, who occasionally see her dreams turn into reality. However, this takes a dark turn when she witnesses her parents' tragic death in a nightmare, and it becomes true, branding her as a bearer of bad luck.


After losing her parents, Nimmo and her sister find shelter with their caring uncle, but her aunt sees Nimmo as a curse and treats her with cruelty. Nimmo's resilience keeps her hopeful as she dreams of a better future. Amidst the mistreatment, she continues to endure atrocities by those around her.


Whether Nimmo will break free from the shackles of oppression and overcome the prejudices against her? Will she be able to find a loving and caring partner who cherishes her for who she is? Can she wash away the stigma that surrounds her and rewrite her own fate?


Written by: Imran Syfer

Directed by: Sami Sani
Produced by: Erfan Ghanchi

Production House: Blue Eye Entertainment


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