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‘Ishqaway’ is a twisted tale of love, friends envy and family pressure. The story revolves around 2 friends  Amal and Safina who were close to each other but due to unavoidable circumstances they become the worst enemies… The charismatic Haim (Sami Khan) gets engaged to his cousin Amal (Zainab Ahmed) on behest of their grandfather. During the wedding festivities Haim meets elegant Safina (Rabab Hashim) and develops strong liking for her.  Safina turns out to be his fiancee Amal’s close friend…The story continues with a lot of twists and turns the  character’s life in a state of chaos and misery. Will the grandfather’s efforts to strengthen the bonds of the family suffice? What will be the future of Haim’s first sight love for Safina?  Will he be able to sacrifice his love for Safina and pursue marriage with Amal…

Cast & Credits:  Rubab Hashim, Sami Khan, Zainab Ahmed, Hammad Farooqi, Qavi  Khan, Ghana Tahir

Writer: Myra Sajid

Director: Ali Faizan

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