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Zindagi Udaas Hai Tu


Zindagi Udaas Hai Tu’ is a series made up of stories which explore all the various relationships that we go through in life; be they with people, with a special place, with God and religion or those of the spiritual kind.

Picking up on a different ‘connection’ every week, the series will follow all sorts of relationships as they grow and transform.

It could be a conflict between father and son; the ever-changing relationship between a husband and wife; the dynamics of sibling rivalry in a brother/sister relationship; the relationship between a character’s past, present and future or how a man’s love for God can reach extreme fanaticism.

The series looks at the nature of human relationships from many different perspectives. And makes us realize that whatever the connection, no matter how deep or superficial, it will always leave an impact on our lives and inevitably make us who we are.

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