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Zamani Manzil Ke Maskharay


One of the best comedies of the season is on your way. Begum Zaman Akhter, head of the family has named her house Zamani Manzil which was given as a token of love by her deceased husband. The words of Zamani Begam, despite being bed ridden, are taken as a commandment by her children living in the matriarchal house.

Saleem Miyan, Zamani’s son-in-law is a Nawab - a nawab without a single piece of jewel, has married her daughter. He has kept hawk’s eye on the Zamani Manzil to eradicate his misery; therefore he has decided to remain a "ghar jamayee". The so called Nawab is abhorred by the son Taufiq Haider and Ismat Aara daughter in law of the house, for sitting like a goof and consuming the household resources without burning a fraction of hole in his pocket.

The two men of the house get a shock when they find out that their children Chand Bibi and Mehboob are in love. Their mothers plot to keep them asunder but Zamani wants them together forever!!

Will Zamani be able to fulfill her desire? Will she always rule the family? Who will challenge the status quo and what will happen then??

Written by: Maahir Kamal & Faisal Manzoor | Directed by: Raja Shahid Ali | Produced by: Naughty Forty Productions



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