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Thora Sa Aasman


Haroon Kamal and Shaista are in love they are cousins but both have family differences, Shaista comes from a conservative background and her father does not like the wayward life style of Haroon’s family. Haroon marries Shaista secretly and out of that secret marriage Shaista bears a son, haroon refuses to accept him and the baby is sent to orphanage. From there a young unmarried woman Fatima adopts the baby, she is abhorred at home and told time and over again that she is ugly and no one will ever marry her. She wanted to become a mother. Haroon marries a singer but refuses to announce the marriage and from that marriage twins are born further twists and turns bring the kids to Fatima. The story is about money, values, relationships, status and most important the lust of human being which never ends.

In his pursuit of money and power Haroon ruins many lives, will her ever face the music for his wrong deeds? Will Shaista ever find her firstborn?

Cast: Yasra Rizvi as Fatima, Ushna Shah as Rakhshi, Zeba Bakhtiyar as Shaista, Lubna Aslam as Muniza, Alyy Khan as Haroon, Babar Ali as Mansoor, Qaiser Nizamani as Sheerazi

Written by: Umera Ahmed

Directed by: Nadeem Siddiqui


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