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Teri Meri Jodi


Imagine if a chubby food loving Gujrati girl is married to a good looking Punjabi  hunk.

She wants to be a cooking show host, he is an event manager, she can’t even walk straight without dropping or bumping into something, he is a perfectionist, she believes in love at first glance and instinct, he is a planner.

This is the story of Gia, Kabir, their culturally different families and how they are brought together by a simple stroke of luck, and a lot of love.

Cast: Adir Vadia,Shehnaz Pervaiz,Aftab Alam,Farah Nadir,FaisalQazi,Shazia Gohar,Zaheen Tahira,Kaif Ghaznavi,Almas Fidai,Husna Amaze Khan,Hiba Bukhari,Hamid Malik,Iqra Shahid,Usman Mazhar,Shahzeb Khawaja,Erum Bashir,Fawad Khan,Sonia Rao,Ali Ansari,Ashraf Khan,Hina Bayat,Umar Sultan ,Nadia Kanwal,Sami Khan,Abyan Chaudhry,Fatima Shah Jilani,Maham Aamir,Hira Hussain

Written by: Syed Mohammed Ahmed & AbeerMahar

Directed by: Syed Ali Raza Usama


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