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Tarang HouseFull - Abhi Tou Main Jawan Houn


This is a Love Story of Faisal Qureshi and Zehra. Faisal Qureshi is a struggling actor and has been working as Assistant Director for last 4 years in the industry in order to find any chance or opportunity in any film. Zehra, a daughter of a well established businessman Shakeel Badooq-wala, asks Faisal to talk to her father and ask for her hand otherwise she will marry any of the guy of her father’s choice. Faisal Qureshi meets Shakeel Badooq-wala and pretends himself as General Manager of any well known Hotel in the town and leaves good impression before Shakeel Bandooq-wala.

Now, to keep this lie alive, Faisal Qureshi hops-in the Hotel which is run by three middle aged charming ladies Siddiqa Bano, Titi and Tanveer. Faisal Qureshi manages to place the fake degrees and gets to know that the only condition to attain this job is to be older around 60 years as this condition is set by the ladies themselves. Faisal disguises as for 60 years old man and gets the job in time. Now, the plot takes another turn where these three ladies are in love with old Faisal. The scenario is as to how Faisal Qureshi manages to get rid of Siddiqa, Titi and Tanveer and as to how he conquers his own Love, Zehra.

Original Cast: Shahid,Shabnum,Sabiha Khanum,Nayyar Sultana,Tamanna

Remake’s Cast: Mekal,Ayesha Khan,Usman Pirzada,Bushra Ansari,Saba Hameed,Atiqa Odho

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