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Sayyoun Ni Mera Mahi


Sila and Jia are best friends, practically sisters. Though opposites they have a very close bond so when Jia’s family moves to U.K they leave Jia with Sila so that she may complete her House Job. This is when Tabish enters their life (young film editor). Tabish is madly in love with Sila but the feeling isn’t mutual. Jia, a hopeless romantic, tries pushing Sila towards Tabish but when her efforts she brings the issue up with Asif ( a veteran Punjabi film actor and Sila’s father), despite knowing that Tabish’s parents aren’t around. Asif considers the matter and decides to meet Tabish.

At Tabish’s house, he meets Meena, his biggest fan. Seeing him she faints. Asif assumes she is his mother and no one corrects this error out of intimidation. Here Jia gets a surprise; Kaukab. Kaukab is sent by Jia’s mother so that they may meet each other before getting married.  Kaukab is too weird for Jia’s liking, and she understands what it’s like to feel embarrassed.

A series of unfortunate and comedic events take place, between not just the youngsters, but also Asif Sahab and Meena. Kaukab gets fed up Jia’s rude behavior and decides to leaves, Jia surprises herself when she misses him. Sila and Tabish manage to get close and Tabish finally gets Sila to agree to marrying hiim when he tells her the truth. Sila, is afraid of telling her father of Tabish’s lie. Both the girls are wallowing when, Kaukab shows up as a different person altogether, when questioned about his sober attire, he tells the girls it was a cover up so that Jiawould reject him.  Jia is upset with him but manages to win her over.  Asif, tries to understand why the marriage was broken off, but Sila, doesn’t open up to him so decides to go right to the source; Tabish.

Asif, finds Meena and she gives him news to faint over; her actual identity. Asif loses his temper  and he leaves Tabish’s house leaving Meena heartbroken. Sila, figures out its very hard to live without Tabish  and they reconcile. During Jia and Kaukabs wedding, Asif senses something odd till it finally hits home; Sila is simultaneously getting married. Before all hell breaks loose, Kaukab knocks some sense into Asif, with the help of Meena, and through Meena Asif realizes he can’t intervene with true love. In the end, the two couples are married off, with Asif’s consent.

Cast: Mahmood Aslam, Huma Nawab, Ushna Shah, Feroze Khan, Ahmed Hassan, Noor Khan

Directed By: Sarmad Khoosat

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