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Sanaullah Ki Dosri Shadi


Sanaullah Ki Dosri Shadi is the story of Sanaullah, Muneeb Butt, a young and mediocre man, who has done B.Com, manages home tuitions and is married to a girl who is respectful and good-mannered. However, Baqaullah & Hajra, Sanaullah’s father and mother, envy for their son’s as why his married life is so successful? To fix it, they tried many times and on one day to finalize it, they push Sanaullah to divorce his wife. Sanaullah got himself under the impression that he might have done the wrong thing.

Later, he finds a tuition of a crooked girl, Ushna Shah, and her mother, who are in search of a guy who manages to do anything for the girl. Ushna is cute, charming and Muneeb is completely in love with her. Soon mother and daughter conspire against Sanaullah and his father’s wealth and the daughter get married to Sanaullah. Later on, when Sanaullah’s parents find out that their wealth has been taken over by their daughter-in-law, they repent on their fate as they had destroyed an innocent girl’s life.


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