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Mere Armaan


A beautiful serial featuring popular artists to win the hearts of their viewers. The story of the serial revolves around relationships, love and commitments. This story shows the love credentials of Ali (Meekal Zulfiqar) where he faces the love of three different personalities – his mother, his lover Saira(Sohai Ali) and his cousin Saba (Neelam Muneer) who actually loves him. He works as a bank manager where he develops relations with a girl who also works in the same Bank. Interesting point is that Ali loves Saira from the bottom of his heart but he can’t express due to her mother. Ali’s mother brought up not only with the pure love of a mother but also gave him a supervision of a father as well. In this manner, he cannot go against his mother’s wishes who already decided Saba as her daughter-in-law. Under these circumstances, Saira gets married with Yasir that was arranged by her family. Will Ali and Saira’s ever re-unite or will they accept their fate … watch this soap that has a crisp storyline and will keep its viewers hooked in all episodes.

Cast & Credits: Bushra Ansari, Meekal Zulfiqar, Neelam Muneer, Sohai Ali Abro

Writer: Amna Khalid

Director: Ahmed Kamran

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