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Mannat belongs to a lower middle class family and is raised by her uncle. Her Uncle sells her to a well of family by getting her married to the only male in that family. The rest of the family comprises only of widows. The poor orphan girl who is already in love with someone is now married to a man with a curse

This family curse is, that all the men of the family die as soon they turn twenty-seven. Mannat’s husband is about to turn 25. The widows get him married before he turns twenty-five, so that the birth of his son can save the family name. The curse comes as a shock for Mannat on the wedding day.

Married life becomes a burden for Mannat. She is expected to give birth to a son and being the only educated woman in the family, she has to deal with illiterate women of the house.  Moreover, she tries to convince her husband that it’s just a myth, and this kind of curse doesn’t exist. She gives him positive hopes that he would have a long life, while keeping her ex love in heart.

The story takes a drastic twist when Mannat is unable to give birth and her husband is about to turn twenty seven.

What would be the last resort for Mannat to save her husband? Will the curse affect the last man of the house as well? Will she be able to save her family from the curse, or will she make her own life easy by going back to her love?

Written by: Kishor Asmal

Directed by: Amin Iqbal

Cast: Rabab Hashim, Sami Khan, Mohammad, Zaib Rehman, Uzma Hassan, Kashif Mehmood, Iffat Umer, Zoya Khan, Khalid Saleem Butt, Zainab Qayoom and others

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