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Judaai is a plot that deals with emotions of pain, loneliness and rejection. This serial skillfully shows the impact of broken family relationships especially effects of divorce and how it is gravely reflected in a child’s personality. It also highlights that parents conflict can wreck havoc on the lives of children. … it’s a realization for all, that children need gentle warmth of mother’s embrace and protection of father’s arms and what happens when this cocoon is shattered or broken by separation or divorce. . Judaai shows the story of different families. Khawar (Moammar Rana) is an extremely busy architect , his wife Aneeqa (Sabreen Isbahani) is frustrated and a dubious lady , they have a cold relation due to which the kids feel distressed and it has an adverse effect on the fragile psyche of the kids. Khawar decides to send his son to boarding in order to make him independent and strong without realizing that the son needs his parent’s love more rather than being separated…On the other hand, there is a family in which Ijaz (Shamoon Abbasi) and Sarwat (Ayesha Toor) has a daughter, mother being a lawyer doesn’t give quality time to the daughter and finally decides to take divorce from her husband, how this tough situation is going to impact their daughter will be an eye-opener. Will the parents realize their mistake or the children will suffer throughout their life? Judaai is a superb package of well-defined characters, strong moving dialogues and caters a sensitive topic in an awe-inspiring way.

Cast: Moammar Rana, Sabreen Isbahani, Shamoon Abbasi, Ayesha Toor, Waseem Abbas
Written By: Amaya Khan
Directed By: Syed Ramesh Rizvi

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