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Laraib a girl so innocent that she is unaware of her ravishing exquisiteness, beauty and good looks hidden behind her childish yet loving attitude, jokes and pranks aimed towards her family. Pampered by the elders and loved by her cousins, all Laraib has received is affection from her relatives, little did she knew about the challenging future awaits her.

Her life changes, she comes to know of her own good looks and beauty after seeing her portraits taken candidly by Wahaj who is a stylist by profession. The two become good friends and before late that friendship proves to be a strong foundation for a loving relation and finally marriage.

While the two were having the time of their lives there was someone else who wasn’t happy for Wahaj and Laraib, who wanted Wahaj since her first breath, who loved him like no one could ever have loved anyone. Bishma, Wahaj’s cousin and has been in love with him since childhood although to Wahaj it’s a one side affair, and has always tried to distance himself from her. It’s Bishma who will do anything in her power to make Laraib’s life a living hell.

Cast: Usman Peerzada- Nasreen Qureshi- Asma Abbass- Waseem Abbass-Sajjal ali-Maya Ali-   Jibran shahid-  Affan Waheed, HarebFarouq, Nadia Afgan, Shaista Jabeen, Tahira Imam

Written by:      Adam Aazeen

Directed by:    WaseemAbbass

Produced By:   A&B Entertainment

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