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Ittehad Ramzan Iftar Transmission


GEO's special Ramzan transmission 'Ittehad Ramzan' is a live show aired on Geo Entertainment which has been designed to cater to people of all ages. This time around, the show focuses more on educating the viewers about Islamic teachings, promoting the culture of peace and brotherhood within the country and internationally. Throughout the daily transmission, different segments are carried out in which various educational competitions are held in order to encourage children and elders to learn more about Islam and also to understand the religious teachings in a much refined manner. Moreover, religious scholars from all sects are invited on the Ittehad Ramzan platform to show a positive picture of brotherhood among all Muslims, and to show that we stand united despite all differences. Other than that, a cooking segment is also held, in which a new recipe is taught by Naheed Ansari every day for the viewers to try at home for Iftaar.

Ittehad Ramzan Segments:

Qasas-ul- Quran :
 The segment of Qasas-ul-Quran is hosted by Umair Rana. This segment throws light on the events discussed in Quran. A different event related to a messenger is discussed each day. Ziyarat (pilgrimage) to sites associated with Muhammad, his family members, His companions and other venerated figures in Islam such as the prophets are carried out each day.

Allah Walay:
The Allah Walay segment is inclusive of discussing the life events and way of life of the Sufi personalities who have shown immense love for the supreme Almighty Allah T’alah.

Jaan kar Geo :
Jaan kar Geo, also called the kids story segment is the segment in which Warqah, the little story teller, narrates religious stories to kids. A different inspirational story  discussed by Warqah each day has a beautiful lesson and guidelines for the muslim Ummah

CSR segment:
The segment involves inviting needy and grief-stricken families to come on set. Donations are raised live with Rabia Anum and Sami Khan requesting the audience to contribute generously. NGO’s are also invited to the platform to generate solutions on what can be done to help the needy families.

Dil sey kehdo:
Dil sey kehdo is a debate segment in which participants are provided with a platform to voice interactive arguments on a variety of topics. 4 participants address their debates out of which 1 is sent to the quarter finals. The winner is gifted different merchandise including bikes and home appliances.

Rabb-e-Zidni Ilma:
This is a quiz segment which comprises of 4 participants who go through 3 rounds of questions asked on Islamic and social studies topics. The participants who give the maximum number of right responses clear their way to the final round and the winner is rewarded with free merchandize.

This segment involves a Naat competition between 3 participants. 2 of the participants get eliminated and the winner makes it to the final round. The audience gets to listen to a beautiful and melodious recollection of Naats from young talented Naat Khwas .

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