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Dulha Bana Bakra


Mr. Maqsood Ahmed is worried about his two naughty but good-natured daughters Humira and Sana. His friend Shakeel Hassan is also worried about both his son’s engagement but couldn’t find a decent match for Qasim and Raza. For this Mr. Maqsood and Shakeel decides to spend the Bakra Eid together so their kids would develop an understanding and liking for each other.

An American return girl Uroosa is also here who is Mr. Maqsood’s niece. The other interesting character which would play a key role in this tv film is the Phuppi of Qasim and Raza. This Telefilm is packed with laughter and situations which would entertain audience in a way which an Eid play should.

Written By: Zaffer Imran | Director: Abis Raza

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