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Dil Fareb


‘Dilfareb’ is an intense love triangle with a beautiful blend of feelings, happiness, love, disappointment and jealousy. Zain (Omair Rana) a charming character is in search for his dream soul-mate and incidentally meets his dream girl Natasha (Ameesha Butt) but she tricked him by giving her wrong contact details . He loses hope to find her again, destiny makes him meet the elegant Dr. Gul Bakht (Mira Sethi) whom he decides to proposes due to his mom’s wish. Twist in the story comes when the bubbly Mashal comes back in his life as she is Dr Gul Bakht’s friend, he is surprisingly attracted towards her, thinking that she is his true soul-mate. Both girls are close friends yet opposites as day and night. The strength of Zain and Gul Bakht’s relation gets threatened observes his liking towards her and she is head-over-heels in love with him. Zain is in a state of indecisiveness about the 2 girls. She creates misunderstanding between the engaged couple due to which Dr. Gul Bakht is heart-broken, she distances herself from him. In the state of chaos, will Natasha be able to knot ties with Zain due to her enticing charm? Or will Zain get back to Dr.Gul Bakht…

Cast: : Omair Rana, Mira Sethi, Saba Hameed, Jana Malik, Zainab Qayum, Ameesha Butt, Gulam Mohiuddin

Written By: Zafar Mairaj
Directed By: Amin Iqbal

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