Bojh Episode, Bojh Drama Cast, Bojh Schedule, Bojh OST
Bojh Episode, Bojh Drama Cast, Bojh Schedule, Bojh OST
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“Bojh” depicts our society’s preconceived notion and false mindset that boys are an asset whereas girls are a burden to a family. “Bojh” is an effort to break this unjustified way of thinking due to which women have become a victim of prejudice in our society. Bojh is based on the story of a middle-class family where the father (Qavi Khan) of four daughters and a son has imposed restrictions on blooming of his vibrant daughters and he thinks that education is of no importance for daughters however, he has given a free hand to his only son. Just due to the fear of heavy dowry, he gets 2 of his daughters engaged to his nephews who are not even capable of taking good care of the girls and then girls alone have to face a lot of hardships and struggles after marriage.

Cast:Qavi Khan, Alyy Khan, Neelum Munir, Nausheen Shah, Maria Wasti, Shahood Alvi, Syed Jibran
ScriptWriter:Ghazala Aziz
Directed By:Barkat Sidiki
Produced By:A&B

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