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Bewafai Tumhara Naam


Bewafai Tumhare Naam is about Saba, Wasif and Maira. Wasif starts cheating on Saba with Maira and in the end marries Maira. Maira belongs to lower middle class family, who successfully create a room in wealthy Wasif’s heart. When this concealed relationship reveals to sincere Saba, she is heart-broken. Daily arguments between the husband and wife push the kids towards away. Saba’s life takes an emotional turn when Sajjad came as rescuer to whom she shares every suffering. Finally Wasif ties the knot with Maira. He also tries to continue similar commanding behavior with newlywed, Maira. What future really holds for faithful Saba and opportunist Maira?

Cast: Iffet Omar, Yasir Nawaz, Mansha Pasha, Omair Rana
Written By: Ambreen Latif
Directed By: Ameer Iqbal
Produced By: Master Mind

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