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Bari Bahu


Drama serial ‘Bari Bahu’ revolves around a downtrodden and acquiescent protagonist having character name, Mona. She is the feminine statue molded with typical eastern wife materials like loving, caring and docile. The husband of Mona is kind of mature and responsible guy who sacrifices a lot to strengthen the family bonding. His younger brother Naeem has personality traits totally opposite to him. He is naturally corrupt, scheming and artful fellow. Their one and only sister Shehla is married with maternal cousin, Asif.

Mona is the eldest daughter-in-law in a joint household system lead by bias matriarch. Naeem, who usually takes advantages and plans different kind of tricks to emotionally blackmail his elder brother for looting some money. Mona silently observing all the unfair acts but keep remains dedicated family member. The janus-faced Naeem also involves envious Asif in his diabolic schemes against Mona and angelic brother. Different kinds of jiggery-pokery and domestic politics come in limelight as the play progress towards conclusion.
Will we see any gratitude for Mona’s sacrifices from her in-laws?

Cast: : Azra Aftab,Shahood Alvi, Maira Khan, Suzane, Imran Rizvi, Amir Qureshi, Saleena Sipra, Beena Chowdry, Shahzad Malik, Ali Raza (Child artist)

Written By: Shakeel Ahmed
Directed By: Furqan Adam
Produced By: A & B Entertainment

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