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This is a story about misunderstandings between newly-wed couple Ahmed & Shama, who of course love each other but unfortunately they believe what other say about their personal life is true and that’s create a lot of fuss between the two loving people.

Ahmed’s friend Rajab & Shama’s sister Uzma were the two people behind Ahmed and Shama fight. They both pretend that they are actually living a happy married life and the know the exact formula of ‘happy marital life’, which they want Ahmed and Shama to apply on themselves, but the fail miserably every time and one day fight between Shama and Ahmed lead to a slap on Shama’s face.

They both soon realize that they made a mistake marrying each other and one day Uzma force Shama to leave this house immediately. Uzma unwontedly leaves the house.

As the story progresses they both came to know that Uzma and Rajab were actually lying and they both have many problems in their lives, which makes Shama and Ahmed both realized that nobody has the key of happiness, there is no formula whatsoever to apply on each and every couple. Every person, every couple has their own problems, which can be solved if keep between the two.

Written by: Mansoor Saeed | Directed by: Kashif Saleem | Produced by: Legacy Entertainment

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