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The Donkey King


From time unknown, Azad Nagar was ruled by Badshah Khan (Lion) until wily Ms. Fitna (the Fox) coaxed him to embrace the idea of animals electing their own king. Through this faux pas (pun intended!), the inhabitants of Azad Nagar make the uncanny choice to elect Mangu (a donkey) as their new King.

Will Mangu just be a pawn in the paws of Ms. Fitna or will he rise up to be the king he was chosen to be? This very question forms the plot of the film.

The Donkey King, featuring the voices of Jan Rambo and Hina Dilpazir, is an authentic and original social comedy appealing to all ages.

 Directed By: Aziz Jindani

Written By: Aziz Jindani and Kamran Khimani

Produced By:Geo Films and Talisman Animation Studios

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