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Talash recounts the narrative of three dear companions - Saleem, Tania and Khurrum - who have as of late graduated as clinical specialists and are told to setting up a clinical camp in provincial Tharparkar to mindful individuals about the cut off worldwide issue of Hunger and Hindered Development. At the point when Khurrum leaves for his town and vows to return in five days, concern develops when days go to months. Tania, pursues this open door starting hunt (or 'talash') for Khurram who lives in a town of provincial Sindh, while where it counts inside, Tania fights with her affections for Khurrum, ignorant Saleem cares deeply about her too. During their course to objective they had been occupied by a landowner Yousuf and they reach to somewhere else where they felt that the issue of Youngster Mortality, Unhealthiness and Hindered Development are seriously present and accepting it as a reason they set up a Clinical Camp there rather than Tharparkar. There they are gone against areas of strength for by, legends, customs and significantly more. They are upheld by one more Property manager Sardar Akmal for the mindfulness and screening camp of Ailing health and Hindered Development. While performing their expert responsibilities they Tania went over with Khurram who left her five months back. His origin story unfurls more touchy parts of the subject and together all companions join and took the Public Reason over the sentiments they have for one another.


Director: Zeekay

Writer: Muhammad Nadeem Qureshi

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