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Sila Aur Jannat


"Sila Aur Jannat" gyrates around a joint household system having real and step family members. Being the inhabitant of male oriented society, Widow Rubina ties the knot with Zaman in order to protect herself and her two daughters, Jannat and Sila. The two of the sisters having pretty contrasting nature, Jannat is an indulgent and pragmatic girl while Sila is more likely outspoken and the one who resists all kind of oppression against her. Unfortunately well-mannered Jannat stuck in a fraud marriage with avaricious Humayun. Sila also faces series of misfortunes and enters in a dark tunnel of life after associating with Kashif. The couple of Rubina and Zaman blessed with two more off-spring Sarah and Saim. With the passage of time, Zaman who enters in Rubina’s life as a rescuer, starts unmasking his greedy face. The money-grubbing Zaman with the help of his mother starts implementing diabolic schemes against Rubina to snatch her wealth and factory. A different kind of jiggery-pokery and injustice comes in limelight as the play progress towards conclusion.

Cast:Lubna Aslam, Afshan Qureshi, Saleem Iqbal, Imran Aslam, Kinza Hashmi, Arooba Khan, Sara Umair, Syed Ali Hassan, Malik Raza, Sidra Rao, Ahmed Majeed, Maryam Tiwana, RoohiGhazali, Akhtar Ghazali, Parvaiz George & Others

Written by: Faysal Manzoor

Concept & Story by: Mohammad Wasiq

Directed by: Syed Imran Ali


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