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Rok Sako To Rok Lo


Sara and Sultan are madly in love and wants to be married, but there is a problem. Sara belongs to an ultra-modern household, her mother is learning to be a classical musician and her father is an open minded person. On the other hand Sultan’s father is a feudal lord from Punjab with a warm heart, his mother a traditionalist. Everything seems fine until the two families meet for the first time. Sara knows that her parents would never let her move to a village after her marriage with Sultan, and Sultan is certain that her mother would never accept Sara’s families’ ultra-modern ways.

The two would have to find a middle ground where their families can find peace and accept each other as they are but as soon as it is about to happen Sultan’s phuppo will recognize Sara’s mother from her past and will threaten everyone to reveal her secret.

 It’s a story about two lovers who cannot live separately and would go to any length to become one, parents who are not willing to leave their posts like a stubborn soldier, and a phuppo who is simply not good at keeping her thoughts to herself.

 Let’s see what this Bari Eid has to offer not only to our lovebirds Sara and Sultan, but for our viewers as well.

 Written by: Faiza Iftikhar | Directed by: Kashif Saleem | Produced by: Kashif Saleem | Production house: Film Factory





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