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Rok Do Shaadi


Jaltarang and Aachi are cousins cum friends and madly in love with each other.  It is a known fact in family and to them that they will get married. One night when aachi is coming back from his friend’s place a girl, dressed in wedding dress, will come sit in his car and request him to help. While Aachi is trying to contemplate his next action he sees a group of man coming towards them, apparently barati from the Shaadi. To avoid the chaos aachi will press the accelerator and take her to a roadside café, the first person he calls for help is Jaltarang. Upon her arrival she at first would not understand the presence of this girl in wedding dress and later when aachi explains to her the circumstances prior to their arrival at the café Jaltarang will help her.

The girl will tell them that she got cold feet and ran from her wedding, later her husband- to- be will track her and meet her upon his arrival she explains to him her fears and insecurities. After a reconciliation between the two and Jaltarang’s wisdom to the bride, they will get married and live happily ever after, so does Jaltarang and Aachi.

Cast: Neelum Munir, Mohi Abro, Ghana Ali, Shaan Baig, Farah Nadir, Aftab Alam, Roohi Ghazali, Falak, Kaukab Mehdi &  Others.

Directed By: Safia Usmani

Written By: Anwar Gilani


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