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Rishton Ki Dor


In our society women are expected to be epitome of Sacrifice and Service, Rishton Ki Dor is a story of one such girl, Haniya. She loves her cousin Zain and Zain also loves her back the same way. Due to circumstances and family honor Haniya sacrifices her love and marries her rich and spoilt cousin Kabeer, she tries her best to win his heart but Kabirill-treats her.

Time is merciless and brings Zain and Haniya back under one roof as Kabir’s sister Zara marries Zain. Being a live-in son-in-law (GharDamaad), Zain also face humiliation from the family. It remains to be seen if Zain and Haniya are destines to be together!

Cast: Hina Rizvi,Muneeb Butt,Ghazala butt,  Asadsiddiqui, Maham Amir, Hina Umer, Tipu shah, Noshaba Javed, Yasir Shah, Zeenia Bukhari      

Written By: Mussavir Khan

Directed By: Atif Hussain

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