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A young and innocent girl, Mushk belongs to a conservative family as her life is governed and determined by her father Iftikar Ali. Mushk has no choice other than following the principles set by her father until she meets Sehba. Inspired by Sehba’s modern lifestyle and outgoing nature, Mushk became friends with her.

Jealousy takes over Sehba’s heart as she discovers Mushk and Irtiza’s newfound relationship. Through her vicious plans, Sehba makes Mushk’s life difficult as she loses her family and her lover’s trust. Left alone in this world of cruelties, will Mushk realize the true face of Sehba and will she be able to regain trust of her loved ones?

Written By: Maha Malik | Directed By: Siraj ul Haq | Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi | Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

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