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Noor Bibi


It is a story of a young divorced girl who has dealt with all sorts of worldly problems in her early years, these hardships have turned Seema towards spirituality. Seema who has always been very particular to offer her prayers and fasts has entered the world of spirituality where she experiences different powers and uses it to bring ease in the lives of people.

Seema’s mother goes to this lady named Noor Bibi; who is famous for her spiritual powers and has an influential family background. Noor Bibi is basically a witchcraft artist who manipulates situations and circumstances and appears to people as a healer or preacher.

As our play will progress viewers will see Noor Bibi to ask Seema’s hand for her son as they want an heir for their family. Sultana, Seema’s mother will accept this proposal almost immediately as she believes that it is a miracle that her daughter who was divorced before is getting to be part of Noor Bibi’s family. A lot many events in our play will reveal how for years Noor Bibi has been exploiting her powers and taking millions of rupees from her followers and soon Seema will learn about Noor Bibi’s reality. From here onwards our viewers will watch the fight between good and evil.

Seema will lose everything in the pursuit of bringing goodness in everybody’s life and defeating the evil in Noor Bibi. Our viewers will see Noor Bibi fighting her demons and in the end losing her power and prestige. It is a story where good will win despite all the hardships and hurdles.

Written By: Irfan Mughal | Directed By: Irshad Ali | Produced By: Barkat Sidiki | Production House: Promax Media

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