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Mera Dard Bayzuban


The central idea of Mera Dard Bayzuban deals with the two extremes of our social system, either we are extremely religious or ultra-modern and both stands proud that they are right and the other is on the wrong path. It is a common practice in our society that people change themselves and their dreams & goals just to make others happy, especially females who are constantly changing and at times oppressing their own feelings to satisfy their loved ones. The two protagonist Soha & Sawera have planned a very successful future life and have dreams to make it big in their own way but the outcome was far from what they have hoped for.

Cast : Sami Khan, Lubna Aslam, Seemi Pasha, Sonia Hussain, Ayesha Umer, Uzma Tahir, Sidra Batool & others.

Written by: Parisa Siddique

Directed by: Mohsin Mirza


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