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Marzi is a one-sided love story of Manaal who is living an emotionally suppressed and financially compromised life with her mother and brother. This is because Irfan, her sister Afeera’s husband, is supporting them. Irfan is rich; hence he dominates both the families.

Manaal falls in love with Zain. He is Irfan’s cousin, and works for him. Zain tries to stay away as his sister Maryam is married into Irfan’s family and also, Zain’s takes care of Irfan’s lands. So the emotional relationship is one sided because Zain doesn’t want to get involved with anyone that has any connection with Irfan. However, Irfan thinks that Zain is reciprocating the same feelings and Manaal is deliberately going against his decision, since he is not approving of this relationship.

Manaal is eager to convince Zain. Irfan’s dominating behavior irks her, therefore she wants both of them to be strong and go against her brother in law’s wishes.

Will Zain love her back? Will she be able to stand against Irfan? Is her one sided love strong enough to fulfill her aspirations?

Cast: Rabab Hashim, Jana Malik, Babar Ali, Junaid Khan, Najia Baig, Khalid Saleem Butt

Rabab Hashim, Junaid Khan, Babar Ali, Khalid Butt, Simi Raheel, Jana Malik, Najia Baig, Munaza Arif, Abdullah Ejaz, Ali Sikander and others

Written by: Ali Moeen

Directed by: Syed Wajahat Hussain

Produced by: Babar Javed




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