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Manchali is going to be a breath of fresh air when audience will meet two contrasting female protagonists Ambreen and Afsheen living under one roof as cousins. Rubab Hashim as Ambreen is a young tomboy who is despised by the people for being rude, outspoken and outlandish behavior. On the other hand, Zainab Jameel as Afsheen, the other cousin plays a guileless, disciplined and an innocent character.

Afsheen finds her love Arham right next-door who lives with his sharp-tongued mother Sureya Begam and two cunning sisters. Ambreen’s tomboyish behavior and outspokenness toward Arham’s family becomes a hurdle for the lovebirds to tie the knot.  Ambreen tries to control her behavior for the sake of Afsheen, and thus marital matters begin to materialize, but a love story is incomplete without essential ingredients like tears, hurdles and secrets.

The character of Moonis played by Sami Khan enters in the story and stays with Arham’s family as a family friend. He brings a twist since he is a potential groom for Sureya Begam’s daughter Seema, but on the other hand, the male protagonist gets emotionally involved with Ambreen. Moonis’s love interest leaves Afsheen and Arham in a dire strait, since Sureya Begam will not accept Afsheen if Ambreen comes in between the garlands of flowers of Moonis and Seema.

What secret steps will the four of them take to be together? How Ambreen and Afsheen will tackle the aftermath of their decision? How will the family fiasco change the personalities of Ambreen and Afsheen?

Cast: Manzoor Qureshi, Shaheen Khan, Shazia Gohar, Rubab Hashim, Zainab Jameel, Hamid, Gul-e-Rana, Sidra Sajid, Adnan Shah Tipu, Shahida Murtaza, Rameez Siddiqui, Sami Khan, Parwasha, Mustafa Qureshi, Humera Zahid, Hina Rizvi, Parveen Soomro and others.

Written by: Raheel Ahmed

Directed by: Safiyah Zafar Usmani


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