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Kurulus Osman - Season Four


Osman Bey, who moved his oba to Yenişehir, will lay the foundations of the state he will establish in this city. One of the steps taken for this purpose will be to establish a 'divan'. Now the 'toy', which was collected at the time of the issue, is left behind. Osman Bey will establish a 'divan' with his Beys and consult here. However, this 'divan' will also be a place to show themselves for the enemies who seem friendly, who want to weaken Osman Bey from the inside.


As Osman Bey grows with the goal of establishing a state, he will have to fight with bigger enemies. Osman Bey, who struggles with the enemy who seems to be a friend inside, will enter into a struggle with Byzantium outside. Osman Bey has set his goal, the conquest of Marmara Fortress, which will pave the way for Bursa and Iznik!


Production: Bozdag Film


Project Design: Mehmet Bozdag


Producer: Mehmet Bozdag


Director: Ahmet Yilmaz


Screenplay: Mehmet Bozdağ, Atilla Engin, A. Kadir İlter, Fatma Nur Güldalı, Ali Ozan Salkım, Aslı Zeynep Peker Bozdağ



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