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Jodi Ban Gayi


Rohan visits his grandfather, Jalal, during his vacation and they form a strong bond. However, Rohan is concerned about Jalal's loneliness and decides to find him a companion. His eyes fall on Zubi, a charming single lady who lives with her niece, Mahrukh, in the neighborhood.

Rohan devises a plan to win Zubi's affection to gain entry into their home and Mahrukh's heart. However, his scheme is jeopardized when Mahrukh's mother arranges a marriage proposal from Faizi for Mahrukh. To thwart this, Mahrukh and Rohan pretend to be a couple in front of her mother to prevent the marriage to Faizi.

Will Mahrukh genuinely fall for Rohan, or will their relationship remain just an act? Will Mahrukh have to marry someone else? How will Rohan stop Mahrukh’s impending marriage?

Writer: Samrah Bukhari
Director: Syed Ramish Rizvi
Producers: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment








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