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Feroz, a vengeful and powerful Djinn, embarks on a treacherous path in "Jinzada." Consumed by the anguish of his sister's tragic murder, Feroz becomes determined to seek retribution at any cost. Armed with the ability to transform into anyone he desires, Feroz sets his sights on Abiha and begins to destroy her life and all her cherished relationships.

Using his deceptive powers, Feroz assumes the identities of Abiha's loved ones and manipulates their actions, sowing seeds of discord and mistrust. He weaves a web of deceit, fracturing the bonds that hold Abiha's family together.  As Feroz continues his reign of terror, the ripple effects of his actions extend beyond Abiha's immediate family, impacting future generations.

What will be the end of Feroz's evil actions? Will Abiha be able to save herself and her family from Feroz? Can the bonds of family and love prevail against Feroz's relentless pursuit of vengeance?

Written by: Syed Nabeel & Shahid Nizami

Directed by: Najaf Bilgrami

Produced by: Hassan Zia

Production House: Mastermind Productions

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