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Heer is a beautiful girl of who lives in a village. She is very independent in her thoughts and actions, a progressive girl at heart. She opens up a small handicraft centre with the help of an NGO worker GetteeAara and fights a mission to convince the girls to be independent and stand on their feet. Thus, slowly the girls of the village get convinced and start learning the craft and become financially independent.

Some of the men in the village takes Heer’s actions as a revolt and think this will off balance the status quo. They make life very tough for her, and start plotting against her. In order to save her life Heer escapes, leaving her true love behind, Ibrahim, nephew of the Chaudhry.

City life has its own challenges. Heer opens the centre at Gettee’s place. Adjustment here is again the main issue. She wants to go back but cannot. Chaudary dies; Paiji takes advantage of the situation and gets Ibrahim married to Naureen who is the daughter of Chaudhry. Aabis, son of GetteeAra falls in love with Heer, he wants her to stay back and therefore keep Ibrahim’s marriage a secret.

Heer goes back to village and comes to know about the marriage she is devastated, what will be Heer’s fate?  Will she ever get her love back and gets rewarded for sacrifices she made?

Cast:Madiha Imam, Yasir Ali khan, Asad Sidiqui, Seemi Pasha, Bigul Hussain, Jawed Jamal, Zaheen Tahira, Saim Ali, Dania, Aslam Shaikh

Written By:Mansoor Saeed and Zafar Elahi

Directed By: Syed Ramish Rizvi

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