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"Hadsa" follows the life of Taskeen, a headstrong and opinionated woman who leads a happy and successful life with her loving husband and children. The wedding preparations for her eldest son's marriage are underway however, a sudden and horrific incident shatters Taskeen's world, leaving her grappling with its aftermath.

Her once-content life is now a complex web of emotions, trauma, and uncertainty. As she battles to reclaim her life and struggle her way forward. Will Taskeen find the strength to heal and recover? Can her family provide the support she desperately needs? How will their dynamics transform as they confront the unexpected chaos that has engulfed their lives?

Written by: Zanjabeel Asim

Directed by: Wajahat Rauf

Produced by: Shazia Wajahat - Wajahat Rauf

Production House: Showcase Productions


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