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Ehsaas Ramzan


Ehsaas is realization of situation or scenario and from this we practice: Sharing & Caring, Standing against oppression, Belief in God, Working & Eating together. This all create a sense of affection amongst humans and makes us a better human and hence a better Muslim. On this theme we have established Ehsaas Ramzan Transmission.


QIYAMAT SAY PEHLAY:Pakistan’s renowned scholar, Allama Kokab Noorani will share different Alamat- e- Kubra and Alamat- e- Sughara  of Qiyamat. It will be a fifteen minutes recorded segment that will air with link of our host. It will be aligned with today’s scenario where he will share Waqiyat in light of Quran and Hadees.


YA RABBANA (ANBIYA KARAAM KI DUAIEN):In Quran there are several duas that are used by Prophets of those times, Allama Muzaffar Hussain Shah will share the stories behind these duas with our viewers, he will also share the benefits to recite them at a particular time and these duas will be in sync with our topic of the day. This is a ten minutes recorded show which will air with a link by our transmission host.


WA IYYAKA NASTAEEN (WAZAIF): This year world famous Maulana Bashir Farooqui, a philanthropist and a spiritual scholar will do a recorded segment. Our viewers will get an opportunity to speak with him to share their pressing issues and he will share suitable wazaif. This segment will include calls and messages from our viewers.


MAULANA TARIQ JAMIL KAY SATH: Renowned religious scholar, public speaker, and preacher Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahib will be delivering bayan daily in this segment. Viewers will be able to listen heartrending topics and history of Islam during this segment.


IFTAAR MEIN KYA HAI: Chef Naheed and Chef Sumaira will share their secret recipes, they will cook different dishes in a location based kitchen. Chef Naheed and Chef Sumaira will cook variety of dishes from different cuisines. Dishes in Iftar will be cooked by Chef. Naheed however dishes in Sehri will be made by Chef. Sumaira.

Our host will ask quint essential questions and remedies from ingredients available in kitchen.


RIYASAT-E-MADINA:In this segment we will discuss 30 traits of Riyasat-e-Madina and 1 trait will be discussed  each day, trait will be well researched and notable scholar will be given a chance to explain the same.  Presenter: Dr. Khalid Zaheer


ISLAM AUR SCIENCE: In this segment we will discuss how our PROPHET MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) has taught us different remedies to cure our daily issues and how Allah has told us many scientific indications in Quran that are discovered in this modern age.

This will include medicine, geography, biology, planetary sciences. Nowadays we get to hear those remedies and discoveries from social media and different program, so we will educate how our religion has covered all areas of life.
Presenter: Dr. Khalid Zaheer


AALIM ONLINE:This can be done by taking Ulemas on Video for a Question/Answer session







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