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Shokat and Sami are best friends, and Shokat is in love with Sabeen, Sami’s sister. However, due to the schemes of a fellow student Shaista, Shokat begins to mistrust Sabeen and leaves her to marry Shaista. Feeling betrayed, Shokat ends his friendship with Sami, turning them into enemies.


Years later, Shokat and Sami are successful industrialists who still don't see eye to eye. Fate intervenes when Shokat’s son, Rahil, and Sami’s daughter, Alina, fall in love despite their fathers' enmity. For the sake of their children, Sami and Shokat agree to Rahil and Alina's marriage.


However, Sami sets a condition: the marriage will only happen if Shokat's daughter, Rubab, marries Sami’s son, Sikandar. Although intended to prevent the marriage, unforeseen circumstances led both families to agree, resulting in the marriages of both Rahil and Alina, as well as Rubab and Sikandar.


Can Rubab and Sikandar accept each other? Will their children's marriage end the feud between Sami and Shokat? Will Rubab and Sikandar have a joyful marriage? Will Alina and Rahil help them understand one another?


Director: Furqan Adam

Writer: Nadia Ahmed

Producers: Zeeshan M. Khan & Syed Mukhtar Ahmed

Production House: Gold Bridge Entertainment


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