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Bhag Amina Bhag


Amina is not like any average teenage girl growing up in a low soci-economic set up. She is bold and gutsy, she is naughty as hell and growing up around her three brothers and a handicapped boy, who happens to be her childhood friend and neighbor she has all the traits of a tom boy. Yet like any other girl of that social strata as girly at home as her mother wills her to be. A bundle of bustling energy she gets involved in street fights, chase kites for her polio stricken friend Haris, runs after thieves and stands up courageously for any injustice being done to the undeserved victim. Is she ever appreciated for her bravery? Of course not! Such acts always get her into trouble, be it at home or at school for she fails to realize that the gender bias are a sore reality of our society even more so, a harsh one in the socio-economic background she belongs to.

She is totally unaware of her own potential and talent until that one when day when Haris drags her to participate in a school sports event as an athlete. Lack of confidence was never her problem but lack of direction always was. This singular participation gave her much needed direction in life but obviously it is not an easy path to follow. Haris who is more of a saheli than a male friend stands by her against all odds even when her family turns totally against her.

From the school sports to inter school competitions, Amina bags herself the winners slot and builds her self-esteem to a point where no hurdle is an obstacle on the track  but when her family finds out of extracurricular activities all hell breaks loose. The resulting hue and cry at her own home stigmatizes her in the neighborhood and inevitably leads to the breaking of her engagement. Amina’s mother who is forever bickering and complaining, and constantly discouraging realizes that if anyone should be supportive to Amina’s achievements and education it must be her.

From here on the mother become defiant, resisting family pressures, social dictation and decides to move to a different neighbourhood where Amina will not be seen as a ‘bad girl’ for chasing her dreams and will be able to pursue not only her education but her athletics too. Amina returns each time conquering one feat after another even at international sports events and makes her father realize that she has the potential to only bring a good name to her own family but the whole nation.The entire film highlights the perils of a young girl trying to make her dreams a reality and the endless obstacles she confronts on this road less traveled.

 Cast: Amna Sheikh, Sheroz Sabzwari, Paras, Lubna

Directed by: Yasir Nawaz

Produced by: Samina, Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib

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