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Bedardi Saiyaan


Drama serial "Bedardi Saiyaan" is a heart-rending story of a widowed woman and her family. Sauliha Khatoon, after the death of her husband has shifted to her brother’s house along with a son and daughter. The downtrodden members of Sauliha Khatoon’s family face discouragement and taunting from her brother’s wife on daily basis.

The wheel of time keeps moving and Sauliha’s daughter and son emerges in life with a strong reply to their hardships. But life is all about continues exams, Sauliha’s daughter Hania, a central character of this play gets trapped by a greedy and cunning fellow to grab her money after marriage. He continuously plants diabolic schemes against his wife Hania for looting her business and to take maximum advantage from her efforts. Now the dark clouds are looming over Hania’s life and she is regretting to tie the knot with a wolfish guy.

 What’s future really holds for Hania? Will she be able to get rid of crafty husband? OR life will offer her good days?

Written by: Jahanzaib Qamar | Directed by: Mohsin Mirza | Produced by: SBCH Productions



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